The submission site for the SIGGRAPH’18 Art Papers track, chaired by Angus Forbes, is now live. (Long papers are due by January 16th; short paper by January 30th).

Angus Forbes is giving an talk on immersive data visualization at UC Santa Cruz’ David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons on February 20th.

Our collaboration with the CoNECt Lab, NeuroCave: A web-based immersive analytics platform for visualizing the connectome, is accepted to MIT Press’ Network Neuroscience.

Our collaboration with Fontana Lab at Harvard Medical School, Dynamic Influence Networks for Rule-based Models, is published in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.

Congratulations Manu! Manu Mathew Thomas has accepted a research internship position at Intel, and will be working with the Intel Rendering Research group.

CMPM 163, Game Graphics & Real-time Rendering, is being taught by Angus Forbes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:20pm to 4:55pm in PSB 110.

UCSC Creative Coding is a team of interdisciplinary researchers and artists affiliated with the Computational Media department at University of California, Santa Cruz. We focus on applied research in interaction and visualization, and also on the exploration of experimental and creative works based on current techniques in human-computer interaction, scientific and information visualization, graphics, computer vision, immersive environments, and machine learning. A core philosophy of UCSC Creative Coding is that by incorporating research methodologies from media arts, design, and computer science, we can develop novel solutions to interdisciplinary problems. Moreover, we believe that the creative outputs generated at the intersections of artistic and empirical research can meaningfully elucidate issues in science and technology relevant to contemporary culture. UCSC Creative Coding is directed by Prof. Angus Forbes.

We are always looking for bright graduate students to join our group and we currently have funding for a postdoctoral researcher in human-computer interaction and/or information visualization. For questions about how to get involved with UCSC Creative Coding, please contact Angus Forbes at, or stop by his office at E2 259. The research group also currently occupies a multi-use space for graduate student desks and developing research projects, located across the hall in the Engineering 2 building.